Joli Beal

beal y-camp-kauai California painter Joli Beal has been participating in invitational plein air events and winning awards for several years. Her website mentions more than twenty events and society memberships.
beal san-clemente-pier Shown here are an 8″x10″ entitled Y Camp Kauai (top) and San Clemente Pier, 14″x11″ (left).

In addition to graduating from UC Irvine and the San Diego Design Institute, she has studied with many prominent artists. She can often be found on rocky cliffs by the sea or deep in the back country of the Sierra Nevada’s or the Anza Borrego Desert.
beal made-it-to-the-top-torrey-pines

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Jerolyn Dirks

dirks Roosterw
We enjoyed meeting Montana painter Jerolyn Dirks recently at one of the Guerrilla Painter’s seminars. She is the featured artist this month at Old Main Gallery  in Bozeman and had an interview published in Southwest Art magazine last year. Dirks_december-SkyAfter working in watercolor as an illustrator for 18 years, she made the transition to oils and plein air painting. Except for the rooster (top), the images shown here are studio paintings, but she finds her inspiration by going outdoors.
Ordinary environments become dramatic compositions as she sketches the light and shadow and makes color notes on her property, a small farm north of Bozeman.

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Peggy Immel

immel poppy-season Second generation Arizonan Peggy Immel spent her youth traveling the world as the daughter of a career Air Force veteran. She took her first oil painting class in Salina, Kansas at ten. In college she studied architecture at Arizona State University and after her marriage, she took art classes at three major New England art schools along with workshops with admired artists.
immel almost-fall
While living in Boston she became a rock and ice climber, a turning point where nature and adventure became her muse. Moving to Taos with her husband brought her back to her western roots where her landscapes are inspired by her love of the outdoors and the Southwest’s exotic beauty.
immel chamisa
This week in Colorado, she will participate in the Crested Butte Plein Air Invitational event, and in August she will be showing with Plein Air Artists Colorado in their 18th Annual National Juried Exhibition. Also in Colorado, she will participate in the Plein Air Rockies festival in Estes Park, August 9-21.

Oil paintings shown here are Poppy Season (top) and Chamisa in Bloom (above), both 8×10, and Almost Fall (middle), 6×8.

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Antrese Wood

antrese train station Argentina is a vast land, from the Andes mountains in the west, to subtropical Buenos Aires on the coast, to glaciers at the southern end of the continent. American artist Antrese Wood has taken on the project of traveling the country with her Argentinian husband and painting it all from life. antrese hermanosIn addition to her website, she has a blog, a Facebook page and a vimeo account.

She paints portraits of the people along the way as well as cityscapes and landscapes, using watercolor, gouache and oils.
antrese horse
This is a true cultural portrait of Argentina. In the two years that I have lived here, I’ve noticed a deep sense of resignation in people ‘ asi es la vida’ (‘that’s life’), a feeling that ‘it is what it is’ and you just accept it. There is also another side that refuses to give up. A side that makes something beautiful out of nothing. A fierce pride and a antrese calledetermination to incite change, to be the best. This duality fascinates me.

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Felicia Forte

Forte self_portrait_in_a_dream One of the featured instructors at the recent Plein Air Convention in Monterey was Felicia Forte, a San Francisco painter whose moody, psychologically engaging images combine hard & soft edges, contrasting color temperatures and complementaries, thick and thin paint, accurate drawing and expressive brushwork…and a limited palette based on the “Zorn palette” of four colors – black, white, cadmium red and yellow ochre.s Tape, (Fern) oil on panel, 16x16

Her blog offers photos, demos, news and insights, such as the following:
limiting one or more of my options (shapes, values, edges, color) strengthened the others.”
good ideas are born from the bad ideas, and the good paintings rise from the ashes of the failed paintings.”

Forte looking south from corona heights park, oil on paper, 8.25x7.75She offers workshops, classes and private instruction in painting and drawing, along with custom portraits and projects.

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