Hadley Rampton

rampton Strata.large
Artist Hadley Rampton has studied architecture as well as art, and it shows in her sense of structure, line and perspective. She paints outdoors in both oil (above) and watercolor (below).
rampton Afternoon In Split.large She enjoys traveling in historic places such as Hungary, Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Armenia. At home in Utah, she recognizes the same kind of timeless mood in the local wilderness.
rampton Along Notom Road.large
Some tell me I’m crazy for painting in the mountains in the dead of winter, or for battling swarms of biting flies in summer. And yet, there I stand for hours, working, feeling there is no where else I would rather be…I begin by painting the actual scene before me, but as the painting progresses I delve into the personality of the painting, itself. A three way dialogue forms between the natural scene, the painting, and me. Which one speaks loudest changes from moment to moment, and, if any one becomes dominant for too long, the work can fail. It is the balance between the three that keeps me engaged.”
rampton Fugue In Blue.large

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Jason Sacran

sacran Alley-Patterns-300x300 We were happy to meet Jason Sacran when he stopped by recently. He is currently participating in Plein Air Rockies in Estes Park, just up the road from here. He won two Guerrilla Painter awards this year, along with dozens of other awards which are listed on his website. Congratulations, Jason!
sacran John-Deer-Green-300x222I am interested in documenting things of today, mostly with overlooked or even forgotten aspects of everyday life – scenes we pass by every day, objects we often use, people we know well, but hardly ever think twice about. In the chaos of daily life, I believe we all take the simple and familiar things for granted. Sometimes they are the very things we come to miss.”
sacran csx nocturne

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Ray Hassard

River Promenade, Lyon Artist and instructor Ray Hassard was born and raised in the New York area. Growing up, he attended Saturday classes at the Museum of Modern Art and later studied at Pratt Institute as well as in New York’s wonderful museums and galleries. He has gone on to win countless awards and has been featured in many publications.
Edge of the Airport
Dramatic, unusual compositions juxtapose diagonals, flat planes and notes of bright color. His blog talks about his recent trip to France and is illustrated with photos and about twenty plein air pastels, some of which are shown here. Above is a view at the airport, looking at parked airliners across a field. Below is a museum under construction: “I walked over a pedestrian bridge and found a park where I painted the Confluence Museum, which is under construction, and looks like it will always be.”
Confluence Museum, Lyon
He is currently participating in the Pastel Invitational at the Visual Art Center of Preble County in Ohio. In October, he will offer a one-day immersion workshop in pastels, sponsored by the Ohio Pastel Artists League.

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Henry Isaacs

isaacs on the edge of camden 10x10After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design and Slade School of Fine Art in London, artist and instructor Henry Isaacs has taught in Cuba, Britain and Italy as well as the United States. Now he and his wife live on Little Cranberry Island, Maine, where he offers summer workshops along with author and illustrator Ashley Bryan.

isaacs plowed field brittany 9x12

Islesford Dock Gallery on the island is currently showing a collection of recent works entitled  Small Considerations. Shown here from that exhibit are On the Edge of Camden, 10″x10″ (top), Plowed Field, Brittany 9″x12″ (above), River Valley 2 Sicily, 10″x8″ (below) and South From the Cliffs, Monhegan, 10″x12″ (bottom).

isaacs river valley 2 sicily 10x8 isaacs south from the cliffs, Monhegan 10x12

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Joseph Alleman

alleman lone-graze Utah artist Joseph Alleman works in both watercolor and oils, from 5″x5″ (Lone Graze, above) and 6″x6″ (Wet in Green, bottom) up to alleman passing-storms38″x38″ for a studio piece in oils. Shown at right is a 9″x7″ oil on canvas entitled Passing Storms.

He will be a featured artist at Astoria Fine Arts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming during their Fall Art Festival, September 1-10.

There is a beauty within the everyday and ordinary that only painting can reveal. I’m drawn to these subjects in hopes of making and sharing such discoveries.”
alleman wet-in-green

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