Kimberly Santini

santini One_Plus_One_8x8
Kimberly Kelly Santini uses acrylics for her colorful, calligraphic paintings. In addition to earning a BFA in Painting and a BA in Art History, she continues to study with various artists and offers workshops herself.

First and foremost, I am a Mom. This means I have eyes in the back of my head, spot on intuition, the patience of a saint and mountains of compassion. And let’s not forget the minivan.  Conveniently, these are also all prerequisites for being an artist.”santini plein air

She has created a popular daily painting project that involves pets and children, donating 10% of gross sales to animal welfare. Here is a YouTube video of her painting one of her dog portraits, and her Facebook page includes many paintings-in-progress.

santini blog

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Charlie Hunter

DCF 1.0 Congratulations to Charlie Hunter, who won the Guerrilla Painter award at the Main Street Paint Out in Sedona yesterday. His tonalist style is an alloy of realism and abstraction, based on a deep-rooted sense of design and leavened with an appreciation of mystery, of the process and the oil paint itself.

HUNTER_Hunter._Lower_St._Regis_Lake 9x12Shown here are Observed Automobile (top) 8″x16″ and Lower St. Regis Lake (above) 9″x12″. He also creates large (up to 4×6 feet) studio works.

I like to paint what nature does to what man creates.”

Shown below is Small Town, 8″x16″.
hunter small town_LRG 10x18
After graduating cum laude from Yale in art, Charlie found employment in the music world, first as a graphic designer and then as a music manager. He still arranges concerts for Roots on the Rails, long-distance train travel with your favorite singer-songwriters, new friends and magnificent scenery.

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Jimmy Longacre

longacre We enjoyed a conversation recently with Jimmy Longacre, who won one of our awards at the Kerrville Outdoor Painters Event in the historic town of Kerrville, Texas. Below is the winning painting, entitled Hill Country Pride, 11×14 oil on canvas.
longacre HillCountryPride_post
His blog includes not just recent paintings, but also thoughts about the plein air process. There is a step-by-step demo of the 16×20 painting On a Broken Ledge (top), from small value sketch and color scheme through the finishing touches. There is also a list of other helpful blogs.
longacre TheFoolOnTheHill_post
He describes his style as “subjective realist,” a mix of noticing what’s there and composing a poetic passage.

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Plein Air Moab

Moab2 Today is the first day of Plein Air Moab, taking place in the spectacular red rock country along the Colorado River in eastern Utah. With easy access to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, it offers plein air painters unique challenges and inspiration.
moab todd orchard
Above is a photo from last year, showing Todd Orchard‘s watercolor in progress. He comments, “A very good thing about Plein Air painting competitions is the artificial constraint of time that forces this application of effort, or at least creates a situation that necessitates moving out of your warm studio, and straining under sub-par situations. Struggle is good. Hard work is its own reward.”
moab painter
This 8-day gathering of local and nationally known artists and art lovers culminates in competitions, awards and sale of art work. Most events are free and open to the public.

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Errol Barron

barron alley We enjoyed a call recently from New Orleans-based architect and professor of architecture at Tulane University Errol Barron. He paints in watercolor and sometimes oils, primarily cityscapes and landscapes, but also abstractions of natural and man-made structures, weather and water, and the occasional still life.
barron venice
Many are 11″x7″ (Alley, top, and Venice, right), but some are as small as 4″x3″, while retaining a sense of scale. There are three published annotated sketchbooks of his observations, including one on New Orleans (“America’s Most Foreign City”) and one on Rome.
barron ship 7x5
He also plays flute in amateur ensembles and in 2004 released a CD with the pianist Sakiko Ohashi entitled L’Amateur.
barron river structures 5x5
At left is a 5″x5″ watercolor entitled River Structures.

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