Lee Blakeney

blakeney sculpture Texas artist and rancher Lee Blakeney has studied art almost all her life and paints outdoors on a regular basis with the Palo Duro Plein Air Painters. She paints in both oil and pastels and offers a regular class in pastel at the nearby Amarillo Art Institute.

Horses and cattle surround us in the spring. The Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River is often the sight of my painting and my husband Tom fishing in the summer evenings. The influence, love, and appreciation of the rural lifestyle is evident in my work.”
blakeney lake


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Doug Erion

erion wintermorning277Living in Loveland, Colorado, Doug Erion began painting in 1988 and is part of a well-known group of Colorado artists committed to the figurative tradition.

erion bluestrides274 For Doug, it’s not just shapes and colors he paints, but the relationships they form when they join together. It’s not just the subject he depicts, but how he sees that subject. And it’s not just captured, but rather portrayed so that the viewer can understand the subtle intricacies that the casual observer often misses.
erion moonset281

His most recent project is a monumental public sculpture, Equinox, created with sculptor Jack Kreutzer and structural engineer Doug Rutledge, which stands at the interchange of I-25 and Highway 34 near Loveland. erion equinoxThe horses are inspired by the ledger drawings of Arapaho and Southern Cheyenne Indian artists, native Colorado tribes in the 19th Century.

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Dallas Mayer, Ranch Lady

s tower Amarillo, Texas, near Palo Duro Canyon, is a center for the arts, and Carl enjoyed meeting many plein air painters there last month. One of them, Dallas Mayer (shown above on location at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming), actually lives in the Oklahoma panhandle and commutes about 100 miles to participate in events and maintain her gallery in Amarillo.
mayer white park
She grew up on a ranch and has been married to a rancher for 33 years. Her gallery even hosted an event for one of our favorite authors, John Erickson, who writes stories of the Texas panhandle in the voice of Hank the Cowdog.
mayer three_to_go_sm

The end of the day with the sun setting low and the long shadows of light playing off the hills bring a happiness that is an artist’s dream. I believe my early years seasoned me to live life with fewer worldly conveniences allowing me to appreciate the simple pleasures of ranch life.”
mayer King-of-the-Mountain

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Sara Lubinski

lubinski two-moons Artist and botanist Sara Lubinski has just completed a two-year project entitled River Sojourn – A painter’s portfolio of the Mississippi River Blufflands. She traveled throughout this area along the upper Mississippi, also called the Driftless Region, in parts of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota with her sketchbook and painting gear. lubinski Iowa_river

Rugged and wild country with high bluffs over-looking the river, the area is rich habitat for waterfowl, birds, fish & wildlife, and a recreational resource for more than three million people a year (more than Yellowstone).
lubinski Along_the_Kickapoo2
In addition to oil paint, she uses pastels, watercolor, gouache, Conté crayon, homemade walnut ink, pencil, charcoal and silverpoint.

What I attempted to do was to keep my mind open to new possibilities and to let the forest tell me what to look at. And, after a while, I would see things differently. I would see things that I hadn’t noticed…things that I was surprised that I had never noticed before.”

Her exhibition of approximately 50 paintings, drawings and field sketches is now on view at the Bell Museum on the U. of M. campus in Minneapolis. We learned about it when someone told us they had seen one of our boxes as part of the exhibit!
lubinski mound_prairie7
You can see a video interview about the project HERE.

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Margie Lopez Read

WeedOverRainbow Margie Lopez Read has a new twist on the donation of artworks for charity. She trades her paintings for a check made out to a mutually agreed-upon nonprofit organization.

Since 2011, when I retired from my paid profession as a water quality scientist, I have been able to do so much more for the Donation Art project. The ‘trades’ of my paintings have raised funds for many programs including ‘Doctors Without Borders’, ‘UNICEF’, scholarship funds, food for children programs, athletics for the disabled, animal protection programs and other humanitarian aid programs through the world. And it seems to be growing…”

read liveforever450

She works in both oils and pastels. Shown here are two pastel paintings, Weed Over The Rainbow (top, 9×12) and Live Forever (above, 12×14).

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