Rebekkah Jackson

jackson snowy-streamWe enjoyed a visit today from oil painter and pastelist Rebekkah Jackson. Raised on the eastern plains of Colorado, she went to live overseas in 1985. In the 1990s she was able to combine her love of teaching and art while volunteering working with Bosnian refugee children. Here she found that one of the only ways to reach traumatized children was through art. Now, back home in the States, she is enjoying plein air painting and travelling with her husband, Frank.
jacksonI am now at a point in my life where I have more time to devote to painting and am enjoying the camaraderie of other Colorado painters.”

Rebekkah has had pastels juried into National Pastel Shows and her oil paintings have been accepted into the 2013 Plein Air Painters of Colorado exhibition and the 2014 Colorado Governor’s Art Show, among others. She is a past Board Member of the Pastel Society of Colorado, a member of Plein Air Painters of Colorado, and the Artists Association of Northern Colorado.

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Paul Zegers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Originally from Chicago, award-winning artist Paul Zegers has been living and painting in Oregon since 1975. The climate allows plein air painting year-round, and the landscape is varied and engaging. Shown here (above) is an 8″x8″ plein air oil sketch entitled Mendocino Headlands. Below is an 11″x14″ entitled Above the Falls.
My goal is to make a record of a time and place that holds interest and creates an invitation for exploration. I paint wet-in-wet oil on canvas and try to complete a piece in one sitting.”

Sometimes the plein air sketch becomes a finished painting, but he might also use them as source material for larger paintings. Below is Burnside Bridge Portland, OR (36″ x 48″).
zegers burnside 36x48
He has also painted a triptych cityscape that measures 4 feet high by 9 feet wide.

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Colleen Caubin

caubin-scotty-sunset-8x6-oilColleen Caubin has been painting all her life, beginning with abstract art and moving on to animals and landscapes. Now she paints the ever-changing ocean, the merging of nature with the abstract.

For the past 2 years I’ve devoted countless hours to the sea, painting hundreds of studies. The only way to really learn to paint it is with constant observation, small studies and more observation until you can do the water nearly from memory.”
Shown here are two oil studies, 6×8 (above) and 8×6 (top).

caubin radarHer blog covers many topics, including painting on copper (see Portrait of Radar, oil 5×7, right), waves, painting exercises, RV tales, plein air and art appreciation .

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Nicholas Read

read road “It takes much more effort and engage-ment to be a painter than to be a lawyer.”

Living in Cambridge and working in Boston, Nicholas Read was educated in both art and law. Since 1995, he has painted, primarily in oils, and exhibited consistently. Landscapes are a major focus, including roads (Coolidge Hill Road, above, 8″x10″) and shorelines (Rocks in the Mist, Monhegan Island, below, 9″x12″). Other subjects read rocksinclude cityscapes, trees, boats, cows, flowers, still lifes and portraits.

read memorial dr

His blog includes a discussion & demo based on The Last Flowers of Manet
read seashore

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Stephen Magsig

magsig .NocturneBelleIsleAs much of the country is suffering an intense cold snap, it’s a real inspiration to see Stephen Magsig’s blog, Postcards from Detroit. This visual diary of 5″x7″ oil on linen paintings was inspired by Duane Keiser‘s innovative A Painting a Day blog, and Julian Merrow-Smith’s Postcard from Provence. He has completed more than seventeen hundred paintings of Detroit since 2007.
magsig CrispMorningMy Detroit paintings capture scenes of daily life and reflect a distinctly American landscape where industry, urban and nature collide. They are a visual record of the quiet beauty in the everyday scene. Portraits of forgotten and neglected spaces. Places that exist in silence, unrevered and waiting to be discovered.”
magsig BelleIsleBridgeNocturneThe paintings are also available in book form in four volumes.magsig NightLight The four shown here are from this January and February. He also has a page of paintings from Italy on his website.

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