Quang Ho's Nuts and Bolts DVD (6 Hours)

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"What I wish I'd known before picking up a brush". This DVD is designed to give the viewer a complete understanding of painting in over six hours of instruction. It's not so much about how to paint something specific, but rather an explanation for everything the artist has come to understand about painting over his entire career. Using demonstrations as examples, Quang takes the viewer through a logical and systematic breakdown of the essential visual vocabulary and visual tools associated with painting. Basic knowledge regarding the use of oils, medium brushes and canvas will be discussed for the beginner. But more importantly, students of all levels will acquire the understanding and vocabulary necessary to make real progress with their own work, as well as challenge themselves with visual ideas.
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Quang Ho's Nuts and Bolts DVD (6 Hours)
Quang Ho's Nuts and Bolts DVD (6 Hours)
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"Great learning DVD"

Laura Marie Anderson on 12/18/2011 7:59:30 PM

Comments:: I have been painting for 29 years. I am usually happy to learn one or two things from a DVD. I was pleased to learn many things from this DVD. I will keep it in my collection.

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