A Guerrilla Painter's Notebook

Carl Judson's collections of essays on the ups and downs of Guerrilla Painting. 8.5" x 11". Paperback. Five volumes available, sold indivadually. A real steal of a deal!

"Over the years, Carl has traveled a bit - Bermuda, Central and South America, Maine, California and elsewhere - taking his box with him. I always enjoy hearing about another painter's adventures and discoveries, and also a little bit of technical talk, too. This is exactly what I found in his new book. A Guerrilla Painter's Notebook, which collects fourteen of his essays. It's a pleasant and informative read, and I especially enjoyed his essays on alternative surfaces for oils and lunch hour in Bolivia. While everyone else in town was engaged in a siesta, he was busy - painting. I'm looking forward to the next volume."

-Michael Chesley Johnson