Weekend Watercolor Workshops by Molly Davis


For every serious watercolor artist.

With the lessons and exercises in this book, the student not only learns watercolor techniques but discovers a completely new way to view the medium. These are exercises that are designed to be completed within a weekend.

Watercolor painting, often perceived as an uncontrollable medium, is clarified here in the explanation of nine fundamental principles that can affect the outcome of a painting - for example, gravity or the viscosity and color characteristics of the various pigments.

Applying these concepts requires more than just one approach, and this book addresses many different personality types and learning styles.

Molly Davis has been a featured artist in Watercolor Magazine. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from East Carolina University. Her paintings have won awards from Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters, Best of Watercolor (Lexington, MA) and Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, among others.

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