Guerrilla Painter® 5x7 Pocket Box™ V2.0


The 5x7 Pocket Box™ V2.0 is the smallest Guerrilla Painter pochade box, perfect for those who like to travel light, backpackers or inconspicuous café painters.

A truly traditional pochade box with a sliding palette and storage for supplies. The lid clips are 1/2" in deep and hold 2 wet panels. It adjust and locks in any position over a full 180° so you can choose the most comfortable angle for painting. 

Close the lid and you’re ready to go with everything including your painting completely protected. Unlike many other pochade boxes, the 5x7 Pocket Box™ is perfectly balanced for laptop or tabletop painting. Rugged construction of strong, lightweight basswood laminate (no rainforest woods) with stainless steel and aluminum hardware (no rusting). Lacquer finish.

  • Holds 5x7 inch panels
  • Includes extension clips in the lid for larger panels
  • Perfect for handheld, laptop, tripod or tabletop use
  • Holds 2 wet panels in the lid
  • Lid adjusts to any position through 180° arc
  • Has built-in tripod mount and rubber feet (won't scratch fine furniture)
  •  Weighs only 1 lb. 6 oz.
  • Overall dimensions including hardware: 9.5" x 6.5" x 3.5"
  • Bottom is 1.5" deep underneath the sliding palette

"I am looking forward to getting back to the field, and working with your super cool products!" - Cathryne, CA

Accessories for the pocket box are available which allow you to paint larger or smaller, a fold out palette extension, carrying bag, brush washer and short brushes.

Looking for Sets for the 5x7 Pocket Box V2.0? Check out the 5x7 Oil and Acrylic Plein Air Kit or the 5x7 Field Set for Oils!

Note: If you purchase the box together with the palette extension, we will install it for you.

 "You 'guys' are awesome! Really appreciate the input and assistance." - Charles, NY

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