Guerrilla Painter® PanelBuddy™ SECOND


*Note: "Seconds" are fully functional products with minor cosmetic blemishes.

Provide absolute protection for your wet paintings with these rugged panel carriers. Sturdily constructed from beechwood with stainless steel hardware. 

The PanelBuddy™ is an ideal companion for your Guerrilla Box™.  Only the outer edges of your paintings make contact with the tapered channels.

Each PanelBuddy™ holds 4 wet panels.

Weight and external dimensions, including hardware:

5x7       1 lb. 4 oz.    8 -1/4" L x 6-3/4" H

6x8       1 lb. 7 oz.    9 -1/4" L x 7-3/4" H

8x10     1 lb. 12 oz.  11- 1/4" L x 9-3/4" H

9x12     2 lbs. 3 oz.   13-1/4" L x 10-3/4" H

All sizes of the Panel Buddy are 2 ½” wide.

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