Sennelier Aqua Mini Watercolor Set


This Sennelier Watercolor Mini Set of 8 Half Pans is the perfect size for using watercolor on the move. The 8 half pans come in a white metal box with a transparent window so that you can view your colors easily. The set also includes a travel watercolor brush. 

L'Aquarelle Sennelier has been produced in the same way for more than a century, using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic as a bonding agent. This mix of natural ingredients produces colors which have a smooth, bright texture and offer lively, colorful shades. The Gum Arabic and honey combination offers incomparable quality of application, producing superb washes. Then this base is mixed with pigments and carefully ground. Sennelier makes sure to wet the pigments in purified water (with no mineral salts) for 24 hours before mixing them in with the bonding agent. This improves the way in which the colors and bonding merge together, in turn bringing out the full beauty of the colors. 

This set contains the following colors:

(574) Primary Yellow
(675) French Vermilion
(344) Cinereous Blue
(314) French Ultramarine Blue
(805) Phthalo Light Green
(819) Sap Green
(202) Burnt Umber
(703) Payne's Gray

The dimensions of the box measure 4" x 2.5" x 1"

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