Judsons Monopod / Walking Stick


Monopod/Walking Stick: Helps you hike where you want to paint and then supports the weight of your 5x7 Pocket Box or 6x8 Thumbox while you’re painting. Simply screw the top into the tripod mount on your Pocket Box or ThumBox, hold the Monopod with your non-dominant hand and paint or sketch with your dominant hand.

Also works with your camera or camcorder.

Features adjustable length, foam hand grip, wrist strap and retractable ground point. Extends up to 67”. A compact 21” fully collapsed and weighs only 14¼ oz.

Made from strong, tubular, anodized aluminum.

Universal Tripod Mount Kit & Monopod/Walking Stick Combo: Do you have an older styles of the 5x7 Pocket Box (V1), 6x8 ThumBox™ (V2.0) or a DIY pochade box that you'd like to convert to use with the monopod with this easy to install kit.

Includes our Universal Tripod Mount and four bumper feet with screws for installation. The ThumBox™ can then be screwed onto the Monopod/Hiking Stick

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