Guerrilla Bestbuddy and Multi-Mount Umbrella Combo


These two items work together as a great team! Check it out:
The Guerrilla Bestbuddy™ is much more than a's a rolling carryall, a place to attach your umbrella as well as a comfortable, steady seat. Includes a "lumbar" pillow that is easy to adjust to your height preferences. (To purchase it by itself click here.)
Will hold up to 250 lbs. on the seat and 65 lbs. in the back.
Weighs 10.5 lbs. (which you'll barely feel as you stroll along). 
  • Handle height: 38"
  • Seat height: 18"
  • 13" front-to-back
  • Width including wheels: 19"
Storage compartment dimensions: 20"x 12"x 8"
Color: Black

The Multi-Mount Umbrella is a  precision instrument invented by a plein air artist for plein air artists. Includes a collapsible umbrella, adjustable clamp with 8 places to insert the handle, and instruction sheet. The clamp opens up to 1.75" wide and will attach to just about anything. The umbrella has a reflective silver top with a black underside that won't reflect ambient color on your canvas. Wind-vented, it collapses to 12" in length, under 2" in diameter. Weighs only 1 lb.3 oz. It extends to 34" with a 36" canopy that is 8" deep. This umbrella is a light, portable painting companion that can be easily stored or carried wherever you need it. Its thinner ribs, with more hinges, means that it should not be used in windy conditions. (To purchase it by itself click here.)
Video instructions for installing the wheels *Note: press the browser refresh button if the video link does not begin to play right away.
PDF instructions for the Multi-Mount Umbrella.

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