Richeson's Quiller Water Media Brushes - Flat


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Quiller Synthetic Watercolor brushes are truly advanced synthetic brushes. To design this 21st century brush, Richeson enlisted the aid of a renowned water media painter, Steve Quiller. Years ago synthetic brushes were not much more than chopped up fishing line bundled up and stuck on the end of a handle. They were horrible for the user, especially for the young student who often received this budget-priced creation.

Today Richeson has the ability to taper the strands of fiber so that each strand comes to a fine point. With careful selection of 11 different weights of fiber strands, Richeson gently mixes these into a marvelous brush head. The mixing of the weights is critical. With just the right amount of thicker fiber you can get just the right amount of hard snap to the brush. With the perfect mixture of a variety of thinner fibers Richeson has created the perfect color carrying blend. Today’s watercolor painter finds "The Flats” even more important than the rounds. When wet, they come to a magnificent razor’s edge, allowing the thinnest line, a broad wash or anything in between. The ferrules on the 7010 flats have a round base up to the 1" size and the larger sizes have a folded flat base.

Steve works very big and was really pleased when Richeson developed a brush that could hold so much color and retain the control. You won’t believe the edge! The 7000 Series of brushes is a wonder and at just a fraction of the cost of natural hair brushes. This brush has a beautiful gold seamless ferrule and is mounted on a classic matte black handle. This is truly the watercolor brush of the future.

Prices are 50% off list. Choose a brush size from the drop down menu.

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