Where's Carl Now?

Carl Judson, the original "Guerrilla Painter" and plein air painter of 30 years, is on the road again. Don't forget to check out his road trip posts on Track My Tour.
Hey! Want to save up to 60% on plein air supplies? Meet up with Carl on his next trip! (See his contact information below.)

June 2019:  Carl headed down to Alamosa, CO on June 25th to give his "Paint Outside the Box" program. It went well and was attended by 15 people. Only one person took umbrage with Carl's thoughts on plein air painting and a spirited conversation ensued without recourse to violence. ☺☺☺

Stay tuned! As we know more about Carl's upcoming trips, we'll post them both here and in our weekly newsletter (you can sign up for it at the bottom of this page). 


Have you seen this yet? For groups large or small Carl has three programs that artists around the country have enjoyed:

  • “Paint Outside the Box – Personal Style in Plein Air” A seminar/workshop centered around slides on Carl’s iPad: About 50 slides of work from the Renaissance to the present give context for a brief history of plein air painting and provide examples of the surprising diversity of styles that painters over the last 250 years have used to depict the world around them. For groups larger than 5 or 6, requires a room with a TV or surface to project on. The presentation takes about an hour. Carl encourages questions and discussion from participants – this often gets quite lively so, allow 2 hours.
  • "Paint Small for Big Results” Equipment demo and discussion: Carl talks about the benefits of adding small paintings to your repertoire, not only to expand your opportunities to paint but to make big strides in your development as a painter. This is a nuts and bolts session with lots of opportunities for questions about paring your equipment down so that you can. About 1 hour.
  • “Frank Reaugh” video: Frank Reaugh (pronounced ‘Ray’) was a unique turn of the century pastelist and naturalist in the Texas Panhandle – a really fine plein air painter. For groups larger than 5 or 6, requires a room with a TV or surface to project on. About ½ hour.

Put a group together to meet Carl (conveners and hosts get the coveted Guerrilla Painter cap and their choice of any product in Carl’s van FREE). All artists attending one of these get-togethers will receive a FREE ‘Goodie Bag’.

Carl's contact info:

Cell: 970-217-5759 (please leave a message if he can't answer or feel free to text him)
Email: carl@guerrillapainter.com
Website: www.carljudson.com

Track My Tour: Carl posts regularly on Track My Tour with each new road trip. Keep up with his latest adventures! Past Track My Tour posts are available. Take a look:

Happy Painting!