5x7 Pocket Box™ V2.0 Oil and Acrylic Plein Air Kit



In this 12 piece kit get the Pocket Box plus supplies you need to get started painting. All you need to do is add paint and you are ready to start your adventures.

Kit Includes:

  • 5x7 Pocket Box ™ V2.0
  • 5x7 Pocket Box™ Bag
  • Large Mouth Single Palette Cup
  • Mighty Mite Jr™ Brush Washer
  • Guerrilla Painter® Composition Finder
  • A Guerrilla Painter's Notebook™ Vol 3 & 4
  • 5x7 Guerrilla Plein Air Gessoed Panel
  • 4-piece Short Handled Flat Brush Set

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"First off,  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRODUCTS!  They are top-notch in my book and PERFECT for plein air painting!  I use NO OTHER." - Paul, KY

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