"A Day in the Field - Plein Air with Tim Deibler" - 2 DVD set


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"Come on outdoors with me as I paint 3 paintings of the same scene on the same day. You will see how to work quickly to capture the changing light. After you've watched the demonstration paintings, you will be able to put in the second disc and paint along with me. We recorded the same scene as I was painting with a second camera and I have placed that footage on this disc for you to paint along. This plein air practice disc will give you the scene minus the wind and freezing temperatures to help sharpen your skills to get you ready to paint outside. Along with the sessions that I painted, we are including the sunrise from that morning. You will see the light come across the field as it turns from shadow into full sunlight." - Tim Deibler These demos are done with oils. The concepts apply to any medium or style.

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