Gamblin Oil Ground


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 Comes in either 8 or 16 oz.

A fast-curing, non-toxic oil ground formulated from alkyd resin, titanium dioxide and barium sulfate. Beautiful oil ground is a great alternative to acrylic "gesso" for priming panels. 

Gamblin Ground makes canvas and linen stiffer than acrylic "gesso" and more flexible than traditional oil primers. Because alkyd resin is used instead of linseed oil as the binder, Gamblin Ground dries more quickly than lead/linseed oil grounds.

Use on canvas or linen that has been sized with rabbit skin glue or PVA, or directly on Untempered Masonite

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Paintings made on non-absorbent grounds are brighter because the oil is left in the paint film rather than being absorbed into the ground.

See a demo in the video below:

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