Guerrilla Painter® 9x12 Hinged Front Guerrilla Box™


You asked for it, we've added it - a hinged front on our classic 9x12 Guerrilla Box™. Fold the front lip down for easier access to the palette and contents of the box. Keep the front lip folded up for use as a mahl stick or to keep you sleeve out of the paint.

This box holds up to 4 wet 9"x12" panels (⅛" or ¼") or 1 wet stretched canvas completely enclosed. Featuring an adjustable lid bracket which positively locks in any position over a full 180° range with only one knob, leather handle, three large storage compartments under the sliding palette, universal tripod mount, stainless steel hardware, and a tie down strap to enable painting larger than 9"x12" panels. Please note: Arches Watercolor Blocks are made to metric measure, and are a bit too large to fit in the lid. We suggest using a Slip In Easel for them.
  • Holds 9x12 inch panel or canvas.
  • Use in your lap, on a table, or tripod.
  • Holds 4 wet panels in the lid.
  • Weighs only 5 lb.  
  • Overall dimensions: 10" x 13" x 5".
  • Bottom is 2 1/2" deep underneath the sliding palette.
  • Comes with a Universal Tripod Mount installed.



" I just received my order and wanted to thank you all for the outstanding box and all that came with it. The quality exceeded my expectations." - Jesse, CA

Accessories for the Guerrilla Box™ are available which allow you to paint larger or smaller, a fold out palette extension, shoulder strap, brush washer and brushes.

Note: If you purchase the box and palette extensions, we will install it for you.


The 9x12 Hinged Front Guerrilla Box Oil and Acrylic Plein Air Kit

In this 12 piece kit get the Hinged Front Guerrilla Box™ plus supplies you need to get started painting. All you need to do is add paint and you are ready to start your painting adventures. (Choose the Oil and Acrylic Kit from the drop down menu.)

  • 9x12 Hinged Front Guerrilla Box™
  • 1.5" Nylon Web Shoulder Strap
  • Large Mouth Single Palette Cup
  • Mighty Mite™ Brush Washer
  • Guerrilla Painter® Composition Finder
  • A Guerrilla Painter's Notebook™ Vol 3 & 4
  • 9x12 Guerrilla Plein Air Gessoed Panel
  • 4-piece Flat Brush Set

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