Guerrilla Painter® Bestbuddy™ Rolling Pack Chair


This is much more than a chair. It's a rolling carryall, a place to attach your umbrella as well as a comfortable, steady seat. Includes a lumbar pillow that is easy to adjust to your height preferences. Easy assembly. 

Will hold up to 250 lbs. on the seat and 65 lbs. in the back.
The Multi-Mount Collapsible Plein Air Umbrella works great with the Guerrilla Bestbuddy™! Also, these two can be purchased as a combo -- get a great deal!

Note: This item cannot be shipped overseas (Canada is okay).
Weighs 10.5 lbs.
Handle height: 35"
Seat height: 18"
Storage compartment dimensions: 20"x 12"x 8"
Color: Black
Video instructions for installing the wheels *Note: press the browser refresh button if the video link does not begin to play right away.

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