Guerrilla Painter® Watercolorboard™ V2.0 SECONDS


*Note: "Seconds" are fully functional products with minor cosmetic blemishes. Handles might be black or blue.

Choose your preferred size or style from the drop down menu. 

A high quality precision device designed to tightly stretch watercolor paper. As the screws on the frame of the board are tightened, tension is placed on the outside edges of the paper. After the paper has dried, the paper will stay flat and buckle-free during wet washes. Holds 140lb. - 300lb. paper. Universal tripod mount on backside allows you to attach this setup to a tripod. Comfortable carrying handle.
Extruded aluminum and hard board. 

Quarter Size
Total Dimensions: just under 13"x17". Holds a quarter sheet of watercolor paper (11x15)
Weight: 3lb 

Half Size
Total Dimensions: just under 17"x24". Holds a half-sheet of watercolor paper (15x22)
Weight: 5lb 

Full Size
Total Dimensions: just under 24"x32". Holds a full-size piece of watercolor paper (22x30)
Weight: 8lb 

Click here to see the regular Watercolorboard™ V2.0.

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