"Penrose"™ Plein Air Frame


Check out these beautiful PENROSE™ plein air frames. These are just like our tremendously popular LAMAR™ plein air frames, except with an antique silver liner instead of gold.

These feature dimensionally stable state-of-the-art polymer resin construction (say goodbye to unsightly cracking, chipping and warping). The satin black finish with a 'bird's foot' style silver liner is simply elegant.

These Plein Air Frames are great for plein air events.  They come in a super sturdy box, good for hauling and shipping plein air paintings.

Molding width 2 - 5/8" 

Rabbet depth 1/2"

Check out these features:

Dimensionally stable --

  • No cracking
  • No chipping
  • No warping.

Also: Exclusive ArtGard™ protective packaging. And FREE hanging hardware (D rings and wire) included.

Available in sizes 5x7 thru 12x16. Choose size from the drop down menu above.

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