Guerrilla Painter® Mighty Mite™ Brush Washer - 2 Sizes


Best portable brush washers!  Lightweight, shatter-proof and leak-proof, chemical-resistant plastic jar with removable stainless steel insert. Available in two sizes that are designed to fit in Guerrilla Painter pochades and French easels. Made in the USA.

Replacement lids are available HERE

Mighty Mite Jr™ 

The Mighty Mite Jr™ holds 2 oz. of liquid. It fits the French Resistance Pochade™, the smaller Guerrilla Painter® pochades (5x7 Pocket Box™, 6x8 ThumBox™8x10 Cigar Box™), French easels, Mabef sketchboxes, Soltek easels and many other setups. 

Measures 1-3/8" high, 2-5/16" diameter.

Weighs 2.4oz.

Mighty Mite™

Holds 4 oz. of liquid. Designed to be used with the original 9x12 Guerrilla Box™ (stores neatly on its side in the storage space under the sliding palette).

Measures 2.5"H x 22-5/16" diameter. 

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