Richeson Linen Canvas Panels



We have a shipment of Richeson Cotton and Linen panels on the way and we're offering them at a special price. 

Pre-order these panels to get this special pricing. Anything else in your order will get shipped when the panels arrive in our warehouse shortly.

Jack Richeson Linen Canvas Panels have a soft tooth finish, which makes them the perfect painting surface for oils, alkyds, acrylics, and casein, and other water-based paints. They are warp-resistant and moisture-resistant because they are mounted on high-density fiberboard.  These canvas panels are coated with high-quality acrylic gesso that acts as an archival barrier between the HDF and canvas, and the canvas is triple-primed.

They come in three textures: Extra Fine, Fine and Medium Surface- Extra Fine, which is smooth and perfect for portrait painting; Fine, which has slight texture; and Medium, which has texture.

Perfect high-quality for professions at a price even a student can afford!

Please note: The 5x7 Medium Linen Panels are not currently available. We expect these be to available for order in late November, 2019.

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