Crystal Clear Archival, Acid-Free Cellophane Bags - Package of 25


Save 35% on Crystal Clear Sleeves! 25 sleeves per package

Give a professional finish to your artwork or presentations by shipping or storing them in these bags without breaking your bank account!

These acid-free, archival bags protect your important photos, artwork, documents and more from being damaged by dust, moisture, fingerprints, etc. The bags are crystal clear, durable and reusable, so you can protect your important items but are still able to remove them when needed.

Bags come in nine different sizes so you can find one that fits your needs.

The bags are great for storing artwork because they are made from acid free materials and are archival - safe for long term storage.

A great way to display prints, photos and paintings in a space-saving manner while keeping their surfaces safe. The bags are sized generously so they can fit paintings on canvas, board or thin panels, mat board mounted prints, and photos as well as paper.

  • GREAT FOR ART AND PHOTOS - these archival bags are designed specifically for storing and displaying your photos ,artworks, documents, or other important items. The bags have a generous amount of room for your items and can even fit a thin panel or mounted print
  • 12 SIZES  - There are twelve sizes available so you can protect a wide range of art or documents. The size of the bag is the size item it can hold, the bag itself is sized slightly larger so that it can comfortably fit paper, mat board, or canvas panels
  • ARCHIVAL, SAFE, ACID FREE - Keep your photos, artwork, or documents safe from dust and moisture without having to worry. The bags are made from acid free cellophane and are archival safe for long term storage of artwork
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR  -  The clear bags don't detract from your artwork while they protect it. They are an easy and inexpensive way to give a professional finish to your artwork, photos or presentations
  • TOUGH AND REUSABLE - the bags are designed to be durable and to resist rips, tears, splits or breaks. Each bag has a reusable self-sealing strip on the flap to secure your artwork while still being able to remove the artwork without damaging the bag

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