Custom Porter™



Exclusively from Judsons Art Outfitters

FINALLY! A wet painting carrier for just the size you need – any size! 8” x 16” wet paintings? No problem! 10” x 12”..… 6” x 24”….. 24” x 24”? No problem!

Designed for Lisa Dianne Martin, who spent two years summiting all 58 of Colorado's 14k peaks and doing a plein air panorama painting at the top ;-)

PLEASE NOTE: The larger sizes of the Custom Porter work best with panels, not stretched canvases. When inserted, there is 1 cm. of space between the wet surfaces of the paintings.

To order your particular size Custom Porter™

Heights and widths sold separately in pairs. 

Select the height dimension from the drop down menu and add it to your shopping cart.

Then select the width and add it to your shopping cart.

  • Custom sizes: Sold in pairs from 5” to 24” long. You can mix and match lengths to make any size wet painting carrier. Just buy two pairs and put them together. You can adjust the corner connections to allow an additional 1/4" leeway on each corner - 1/2" total each way.
  • Easy to assemble: The revolutionary Custom Porter™ assembles just like regular aluminum frames – all you need is a couple of minutes and screwdriver. 

    Each pair comes with Velcro that is twice as long, plus 8”. For example, the 20” pair comes with Velcro that measures 48”. Attaches with a screw (included).

  • Easy on your paintings: The edges of your wet paintings rest against the special tapered center core of the aluminum extrusion, so only the outer edge of your painting is touching the Custom Porter™ frame.
  • Light-weight and super-strong: Made from extruded aluminum alloy with metal corner hardware.
  • Save on shipping: The unassembled Custom Porter™ is very compact and economical to ship. We pass the savings on to you.
  • Distinguish your work: Unusual custom sizes help your plein air paintings stand out from the ‘herd’.
  • Popular sizes, too: Of course, our Custom Porter™ can be used for all popular sizes from 5” x 7” to 20” x 24”.
  • Backpacker friendly: secure your panels with the Velcro™ straps and you are ready to stow your Custom Porter™ in your backpack, shoulder bag, or gear tote, and be ready to head off on your next painting adventure.

Each Custom Porter™ holds two wet paintings secured by the two Velcro™ straps supplied with each Custom Porter™.  Instructions included.

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