Guerrilla Painter Palette Extension Kit for the Original 9x12 Guerrilla Box


Only for the Original 9x12 Box (not the V2)

Double your work space. Right and left hinged palette extensions, with parking slots for the Hang-Up Brush Caddy and holes to rest brushes, increase the flexibility of the old style 9x12 box and the 9x12 Hinge Front Guerrilla Box™. Birch plywood and aluminum, each side measures 9" x 6.5". Metal spacers keep it elevated above your palette when closed (remove the spacers when used in conjunction with the Backpacker Watercolor Palette or Covered Palette Tray. Easily attaches into existing pilot holes. Weighs 7 oz.

Note: With the Palette Extension Kit installed, you will be able to carry fewer wet panels in the Guerrilla Box lid.)  

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