"Prairie"™ Plein Air Frame


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Designed by Carl Judson for small-format plein air paintings, these beautifully crafted hardwood frames provide a welcome contemporary alternative to the "same old"...

Often, small paintings need a wide frame to be displayed effectively, however the PRAIRIE™ design achieves the same result, but with a much smaller footprint. The secret is the unusual depth of the frame. 

  • 2.25" Overall depth
  • Accommodates 1-1/2" deep stretched canvas
  • Painting sits 1/2" in from the front edge of frame
  • Black "mat" overlaps 1/4" on each side of painting
  • Beechwood with a pine liner
  • Smooth satin finish

Use these unique frames three different ways:

  • Hang on a wall (painlessly!). We have milled T-slots on the back for easy horizontal or vertical hanging.
  • Stand on a table or shelf.
  • Group together for multi-panel presentations.

Other artist-friendly features include:

  • Tasteful dust panel on the back
  • Heavy-duty box and corners to facilitate worry-free storage and shipping
  • Use with either panels or stretched canvas
  • Attach painting using framer's points

Exclusive ArtGard™ protective packaging.

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