Guerrilla Painter® Mighty Mite™ Brush Washer - 2 Sizes


Best portable brush washers! Lightweight, shatter-proof and leak-proof, chemical-resistant plastic jar with removable stainless steel insert. Available in two sizes that are designed to fit in Guerrilla Painter® pochade boxes and French easels. Made in the USA.

Replacement lids are available HERE.

Mighty Mite Jr™ 

The Mighty Mite Jr™ holds 2 oz. of liquid. It fits the French Resistance Pochade™, the smaller Guerrilla Painter® pochades (5x7 Pocket Box™, 6x8 ThumBox™8x10 Cigar Box™), French easels, and many other setups.

Measures 1-3/8" high, 2-5/16" diameter.

Weighs 2.4oz.

Mighty Mite™

Holds 4 oz. of liquid. Designed to be used with the original 9x12 Guerrilla Box™ (stores neatly on its side in the storage space under the sliding palette).

Measures 2.5"H x 22-5/16" diameter. 

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