Guerrilla Painter® 8x10 Slip-In Easel for the Cigar Box™


For use with the 8x10 Cigar Box™. This simple lightweight corrugated enameled aluminum panel with aluminum shelf holds panels in an elevated position and stores neatly in the lid.

Allows the use of more gestural brush strokes because your painting is held out away from the lid.

Adjustable metal rods allow for panels up to 11" high by any width. You can also paint as small as 4x6 if you turn the panel upside down so that the aluminum shelf is at the top, and insert the metal rods on that side of the Slip-In Easel. 

Made in the USA.

Note: This only works with the V2.0 or V3 Cigar Box™, not the original, where the panel is recessed in the lid.

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