Chelsea Classical Studio Brush Cleaner and Soap Set


Made by artists for artists, Chelsea Classical Studio Brush Cleaners and Brush Soap are a safer alternative to turpentine, mineral spirits, and other more toxic solvents.

For those concerned about maintaining a clean, all-natural studio or classroom, these naturally safe brush cleaners have a pleasant aroma, emit no carcinogenic fumes, and clean more thoroughly than their harsher counterparts. They're also more environmentally friendly.

Set includes:

1 fl oz (29 ml) Bottle of Lavender Brush Cleaner*

Use it to clean paint from brushes while painting, and to thoroughly clean brushes after painting.

CCS Lavender Brush Cleaner™ can be used in the same way other cleaners are used:  Rinse the brush with it during painting session to remove paint from brush, and thoroughly clean your brush in it after painting to remove paint and medium.

2 oz (57 grams) Bar of Lavender & Olive Oil Soap

A handmade soap created to both clean and moisturize brushes, keeping them in good condition for future use. It is made from olive oil, lavender oil, wax, and lye. No chemical detergents or additives.

Clean brushes with CCS Lavender & Olive Oil Soap™ and warm water. After all traces of paint and medium are gone, thoroughly rinse out the soap from the brushes with warm water and let dry.

*This item is combustible; it can only be shipped by ground to the 48 contiguous states.  

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