Gamblin Artist Grade Oils - 37ml


Gamblin manufactures oil painting materials from formulae developed by Robert Gamblin to serve two purposes. Firstly, Gamblin Artist's Colors have luscious working properties so that painters may enjoy each color's unique properties. Secondly, Gamblin Artist's Colors produce permanent paintings that will be radiant for generations. Gamblin Artist's Oils are based on alkali refined linseed oil as a binder. It yellows significantly less than cold pressed linseed oil, the traditional binder in oil paints, and makes a strong, flexible paint film.

All of Gamblin's oil painting materials are handcrafted at the company's wind-powered factory in Portland, Oregon. 

The Radiant colors are a mix of modern pigments with Titanium White - a value 7 on the Munsell color system.

Prices are 25% off list. Choose colors from the drop down menu.

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