Gurney's Casein 6-Pack with Brush Set


Same colors as the original James Gurney casein 6 pack set (Titanium white, ivory black, Venetian red, yellow ochre, cobalt blue, and raw umber) however this also comes with a water media pocket plein air brush set.

"This super-limited palette is for someone either wanting to test out the medium for the first time or wishing to expand beyond the 12 pack. The colors in this set are harmonious and muted, desirable for artists wanting a classic, old-school look, or for those who want to use casein as an underpainting medium. The only colors that overlap with the Explorer's Pack are black, raw umber, and white, the three colors which are likely to run out first anyway. I recommend using just black and white for grisaille studies and for first experiments with the medium." - James Gurney

 *Please include a phone number when ordering the Instructor Sets*

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