Lyn Asselta Darks & Brights Set of 20


Jack Richeson hand-rolled soft pastels offer luxurious texture and incredibly rich colors in an innovative size suitable for studio or plein air work.

The first whisper of stroke on your surface will be enough to convince you that our pastel artisans have achieved what many have reached for, but few have attained: professional quality, pigment-rich soft pastel at an affordable price point.

Our carefully crafted 500+ color range has been divided into creative color sets to meet every artistic need.

Each pastel measures 1-3/8" x 5/8"

 *Please include a phone number when ordering the Instructor Sets*

* If a color is backordered, Richeson will substitute one of equal or greater value *

"The Darks & Brights set was designed to augment the Basic Workshop set, offering additional dark value colors and additional intense colors, giving you the ability to add greater contrast and excitement to your color palette." ~Lyn Asselta

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