Palette Extension Kit for the French Resistance SECOND


Collections: Seconds

*Note: "Seconds" are fully functional products with minor cosmetic blemishes. These palette extensions are slightly warped but still functional.

This hinged Palette Extension Kit can be mounted on either the right or left hand side (or both sides) of the French Resistance™. Because of the special offset hinge, this Palette Extension will fold down into the box, allowing the lid to close. Aluminum spacers keep the Palette Extension from contacting the inside surface of the box, so paint does not have to be removed before packing up. Each Palette Extension features holes for brushes and a parking slot for our Hang-Up Brush Caddy™ V2.0. Some assembly is required. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included with assembly instructions. 6.0” x 7.5”.

 Note: If you get the box and palette extension at the same time, we will install it for you. Please specify which side you would like to have it on.

Installation Instructions

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