6x8 Adjustable Wet Painting Carriers SECONDS Bundle


Save $77 on the 6x8 Adjustable Wet Painting Carrier™ SECOND Bundle!

*Note: "Seconds" are fully functional products with minor cosmetic blemishes.

Included in this bundle:

  • 6x8 Adjustable Wet Panel Carrier™ SECOND
  • 5x7 Panel Adapter™
  • 5x7 Oil Primed Linen Panel V2.0
  • 6x8 Oil Primed Linen Panel V2.0

This old-style Adjustable Wet Painting Carrier can hold 12 wet panels (.125" or .25") or four stretched canvases, or carry a mixture of both. The removable dividers allow you to change from panels to stretched canvases (note: as an older style, the middle wood divider is permanent so you can only remove the black plastic dividers to carry canvases). The Panel Adapters allow you to carry smaller panels as well. Made of strong, lightweight wood laminate with an exterior-grade penetrating finish. Joined with exterior glue and stainless steel screws to prevent rusting. Harness leather handle. Adjustable Wet Painting Carriers will work well with the Panel Adapters to carry a variety of sizes.

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