Guerrilla Painter® Guerrilla Backpacker™ Watercolor Palette SECOND


*Note: "Seconds" are fully functional products with minor cosmetic blemishes. The Watercolor Palette Seconds are both 40% off MSRP!

The Guerrilla Backpacker™ Watercolor Palette was designed by Cathy Goodale. Special spill-resistant design is also easy to clean.  Extra durable, double thick, high-impact white polystyrene with tight fitting lid.

If your watercolors dry out, just spray with water and replace the lid. By the time you've finished sketching, your colors are moist again.

 6x8 Watercolor Palette: Features 14 slanted color wells in two sizes and one mixing area in the palette, plus one inside the lid. Measures 6" x8” x0.75”. Weighs 5oz.

9x12 Watercolor Palette: Features 20 slanted color wells in three sizes and two mixing areas, plus one inside the lid. 9" x 12” x 0.75”. Weighs 10oz.

Click here to see the regular Guerrilla Painter® Guerrilla Backpacker™ Watercolor Palettes.

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