Nancie King Mertz Stunning Skies & Water Pastel Set/80


These luscious colors were chosen to capture the final light of the day that pulls
 people to coastal regions.  The brilliant skies and the color reflected in the waters demand a full range of pigments, both warm & cool.  Fifty-two of these sticks were used to create this cover piece and more were added to provide the range needed for painting various sunsets and bright water.  For years I have painted along the Northern Panhandle for Florida’s Forgotten Coast Invitational.  The natural unspoiled beauty of the Panhandle with its low-rise historic and vanishing structures provides a rich choice of subject and open skies.

This selection will help you push color and discover the palette of America’s coast,
and its companion, the “Lush Coastal Foliage” set, will round out your collection
of all colors needed for painting life near the water.

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