Meredith Milstead

by Sarah Judson July 29, 2013

Artist and instructor Meredith Milstead grew up traveling... from the southwest United States to Italy, Norway, Germany and England. Currently she lives and teaches in Arizona. Her blog features a wealth of inspiring photos, pastels, oils and technical information. Topics include water, clouds, rocks, color theory, excursions (she often travels to paint) and her Chihuahua, who is a delightful companion on those travels (there's a photo of him at the summit of Slumgullion Pass, Elevation 11,530 Feet). She includes photos of the plein air process, such as this one (right) from a class she taught through The Drawing Studio in Tucson. Southern Arizona is spectacular, and her photos show the various terrain and how her students capture it. Her blog lists upcoming classes, from August through October, covering various media and subjects.

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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