Colleen Caubin

by Sarah Judson March 10, 2015

caubin-scotty-sunset-8x6-oilColleen Caubin has been painting all her life, beginning with abstract art and moving on to animals and landscapes. Now she paints the ever-changing ocean, the merging of nature with the abstract. "For the past 2 years I’ve devoted countless hours to the sea, painting hundreds of studies. The only way to really learn to paint it is with constant observation, small studies and more observation until you can do the water nearly from memory." caubin-rocks-glare-6x8-oil Shown here are two oil studies, 6x8 (above) and 8x6 (top). caubin radarHer blog covers many topics, including painting on copper (see Portrait of Radar, oil 5x7, right), waves, painting exercises, RV tales, plein air and art appreciation .

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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