Stephen Magsig

by Sarah Judson February 23, 2015

magsig .NocturneBelleIsleAs much of the country is suffering an intense cold snap, it's a real inspiration to see Stephen Magsig's blog, Postcards from Detroit. This visual diary of 5"x7" oil on linen paintings was inspired by Duane Keiser's innovative A Painting a Day blog, and Julian Merrow-Smith's Postcard from Provence. He has completed more than seventeen hundred paintings of Detroit since 2007. magsig CrispMorning"My Detroit paintings capture scenes of daily life and reflect a distinctly American landscape where industry, urban and nature collide. They are a visual record of the quiet beauty in the everyday scene. Portraits of forgotten and neglected spaces. Places that exist in silence, unrevered and waiting to be discovered." magsig BelleIsleBridgeNocturneThe paintings are also available in book form in four volumes.magsig NightLight The four shown here are from this January and February. He also has a page of paintings from Italy on his website.

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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