Loriann Signori

by Sarah Judson February 26, 2015

signori capital view. 72dpi lightBased in the Washington DC area, Loriann Signori is what you might call an inter-pretive plein air painter, looking to capture the poetry of the landscape by creating different versions or "rewrites". "For me these new pieces, color harmony studies, work to help me understand the possibilities of color. Like a writer composing a poem, the colors are my words, and when I rearrange these words I hear/see a different experience." signori silver trees finished pastel Working in both oils and pastel, she often partially wipes out the work in order to make it less descriptive and fresher. Her blog is a great resource, not only for her newly posted thoughts and images but also for the long list of links to other artists' sites...there must be sixty or more! signori sapphire-glow "The landscape and emotion are one. It's as if emotion makes me see differently and/or respond differently." She will have a solo show in Bethesda, MD from April 1-25. signori moving towards the light

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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