Marian Pacsuta

by Sarah Judson June 06, 2013

Having studied with Dan McCaw, Matt Smith and Quang Ho, Marian Pacsuta is what you might call an expressionist Impressionist. "I want my paintings to read clearly with a minimum of rendering. In fact, I stop painting well in advance of what most would regard as a finished work. It is my way of preserving the spontaneity of the human spirit using paint. This is an important characteristic of the way I function ~ and adds its own flavor to my work." In her youth, her home was always a wondrous flurry of activity. Her grandfather, a violinist taught by gypsies in the old country, performed with a stateside Hungarian orchestra while her father enjoyed playing Hawaiian guitar. She was also surrounded by art, most notably, Russian Impressionism. "People having fun . . . these are my favorite subjects to paint. Somewhat unfinished, yet capturing the essence of the moment." She will be attending the Boardwalk Art Show in Virginia Beach, Virginia next weekend on June 13-16.

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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