Catherine Kehoe

by Sarah Judson July 18, 2011

Painter and instructor Catherine Kehoe uses still-lifes and portraits to explore essential form, the relationships between objects and how to describe them with keenly observed notes of color and value. She uses a palette knife and bright sable brushes to make lines and to help reduce things to their simplest terms. The painting shown here, entitled Estelle's Mums, is only 6"x8". "I seek to determine how little information is enough, even as I experience an opposing desire to throw in every nuance I can get my hands on." She is offering figure painting class next month in Italy entitled Throwing Light on the Figure which will feature the model in various settings, both indoors and out, to learn how to relate the figure to the space it occupies. Mornings will be free for independent work, either plein air painting or optional studio assignments. Painting: Powers of Observation is her informative blog, which includes resources for students, such as quotes from Hawthorne on Painting, various assignments (a 5-stroke painting?!), slideshows, etc.

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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