Kathy Hirsh

by Sarah Judson March 04, 2013

A lifelong artist, Kathy Hirsh worked as a medical illustrator for 25 years, lived in China and Nepal for 15 years and also visited Laos, India and Mongolia. She now divides her time between Chicago, where she teaches at the Oak Park Art League, and Colorado, where she exhibits at Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery in Crested Butte. "I think of learning to paint and draw as a spiral of skills and knowledge. The topics are the same whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, you just bring a changing set of abilities to the concepts." Working outdoors in all weather, Kathy maintains the abstract, two-dimensional structure of the composition even while using subtle and vibrant color to capture atmosphere, light and distance. Shown here (above) is a 6"x8" oil entitled Lavender Walls. She also paints figures, portraits and still lifes in oil, pastel and occasionally watercolor. This large (11"x17") pastel of ginko leaves and seeds on a celadon dish was done in China. "To elevate the everyday and possess the transient moment, I want to keep a sense of mystery and hidden secrets behind the window or around the corner. I love being on the knife blade of time, painting to capture what I’m seeing as the moment passes, being focused, in the flow."

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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