Karen Margulis

by Sarah Judson January 05, 2015

margulis iceland 5x7 Pastelist and instructor Karen Margulis, who lives in Georgia, did a lot of traveling last year, visiting friends and family, participating in workshops as a student and as a teacher. The painting above is a 5"x7" done on location in Iceland while attending a Stan Sperlak workshop, and the one below, which is 8"x10", is from a Richard McKinley workshop in Abiquiu, New Mexico. margulis ghost ranch 8x10 "I have been asked why I choose to go to workshops. I am a teacher why do I still need to go? I go because I am also a student. I want to continue to grow and stretch myself. I want to learn from others and allow it to all trickle down until it becomes part of me. I also meet the most wonderful artists in a workshop. I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything!" margulis in the shade 5x7 Her website has a page for classes, and her blog has a list of digital lesson downloads and YouTube videos.

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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