Kathryn Weisberg

by Sarah Judson September 02, 2014

weisberg fall1_edited-1 Kathryn Weisberg grew up in the rural foothills of Mt. Diablo where she rode horses on her parents 2200 acre ranch, developing “my early and lasting love for nature and wildlife." She now lives in the spectacular northern Idaho panhandle, near the rocky northern shores of Lake Pend Oreille. A signature member of Artists for Conservation, she will be participating in their annual exhibition from September 27 through October 5 in Vancouver, BC. weisberg bayview Shown here are some of her 10"x7" plein air paintings. She also does large studio paintings of wildlife, as shown in her demo video, below. “I do not sketch in the entire composition before I begin because it allows me to measure and draw as I go, laying in the foundation values and then applying warm and cool versions of those values one over the other to create vibration.”

Sarah Judson
Sarah Judson


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